Sunday, January 29, 2012

Below Zero

Finally we'll get some temperatures worthy a winter label....below zero.  We kicked it off with a nice -5C at the Belgian heights which will spread in the rest of the country in the coming week.

I learned today that kids do not enjoy a walk at -5C with icy northern wind....neither did the adults but we figured that there was enough whining out loud so we kept repeating that we were almost there.  What's the definition of almost anyway?  The stretchability of "almost" and the slippery bridges are surely quickly forgotten with a pancake.

And the boglands and fens still hold beauty in any type of weather....still gorgeous as always.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'd appreciate it if guests would not walk into the house with their heavy, dirty hiking boots, especially not the rooms with wooden floor.   But if they didn't bring any slippers, I can help them out.

Yes I know, we stay in hotels too often. But we're still working on our collection of bathrobes ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made in Belgium: Scooter

Last week I heard a good cover in the Laatse Show on tv of this old hit. Timt to dust it off and display it on here And you must excuse me now since I have some dancing around to do. Join me in one of the better flash backs to the early 80ies.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 years citizen of Leuven

I got a new ID today.  I mean the card, obviously I am not changed. Just my picture is getting worse with each edition of the card.  Bleh, will have to do with this one for another 5 years. I got my previous card 5 years ago when I officially moved to Leuven. Huh? 5 years? No....that's been 3,5 years or so. 5 already?

Well it's not like I don't feel completely at home here and that Ghent seems already like a far past.  And obviously it's already a couple of years that I am part of the dive club here and I've spent 3-4 years  in the choir and I take yoga already quite a while (although rather irregularly at the moment) and I went voting here already twice for sure (not quite a relevant fact given the Belgium's election diarrhea).  Nevertheless it comes a bit as a shock to be officially confronted how quickly time flies. Up to the next 5 years!  And the next :)

It must be stated though that I have been a citizen of Blogger much longer :p.

Monday, January 23, 2012

After the parties, time to catch some fresh air

It had been ages since we went for a walk, so this felt great despite the icy wind and the snow/hail/rain showers. 

A war granate crate in the woods

Sunday, January 22, 2012


A surprise birthday drink on Friday and a blogger New Year's reception in Leuven yesterday.... Twice fun hanging out , talking while time ticked on. 2 short nights are my excuse not to type much this weekend ;).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Made in Belgium: Yasmine

At June 25 2009 the music scene was mourning the loss of a great artist. While the international press focused on the death of Michael Jackson, Flanders was shocked by the suicide of the sweet and talented Yasmine.

Hilde Rens/Yasmine was a well known show bizz tv presenter and singer had ended her life (after a painfull break-up with her wife?). She had grown well known with easy listening pop songs, but only truly broke through when she evolved to singer-song writing with sensitive qualitative texts with a personal touch. She presented for over a decade a showbizz program where she was known for her spontaneous cheeky touch combined with a deep sensitive side. We all loved her. I also really loved her Leonard Cohen cover which seems to bring out her most beautiful voice in my opinion.

Such a pity that we've lost her. Let's treasure her music.

Porselein (Porselain on vulnarability, deep in my soul I'm breakable and fragile)

So long Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)

Diep Rood (Hou me vast- Hold me)

Suzanne (live with Frank Boeijen)

Meisjes aan de macht (hit on girl power)

Mooi (Beautiful)

Dans me

Monday, January 16, 2012

The building hugger

A huge shadow hugs the round sports center
waving its arms up and down and touching the edge of the roof
giggling while his gloves dangle from the sleeves on a cord

A man calls out and a little boy jumps down from the spotlight
Poof, the shadow's gone

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 is still so young

"You can wish someone a Happy New Year all of the month of January" I always heard when I was a kid. I live that vigoursly, ...still kissing everyone a happy 2012 and not having posted my holiday post cards yet. At least they'll get noticed in the mail, I tell myself :).  Since I am often abroad, I decided to enjoy my christmas tree just a bit longer before I take it down.

We're also still making the traditional visits to the family .  This year the New Year's letter from our nephew was for the first time not a memorised rhyme but it had been hand written and concentratedly read out loud with a proud display of these new skills. As we can digest for the rest of the year, we go from table to table and wish a happy new year again.

And since I have not wished you all a Happy New Year yet, this is my wish for you all

Happy 2012 to you all!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Made in Belgium: Allez Allez

Funky African influenced synthesizer pop music......this must be a flash-back to the 80ies :) Early 80ies to be more specific and they only lasted for a couple of years. I was too young to remember them but I am rather amused to find their clips on youtube. The first one "Allez Allez" is relatively well known and African Queen was made as a tribute to Grace Jones.

Allez Allez

African queen

Valley of the Kings

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sliding kids

We enjoyed our ski/snow-vacation with some good friends and their kids. The latter did a lot of sliding...In their kids ski class or just on the road down to the village. Very cute

Monday, January 9, 2012

And everyone was stressing mid-December that there was no snow in the Alps

black flag

Village access road

to our front door

too the village

he caught it just in time ;)

Well to answer everyone's question/text messages/telephone calls from the last we had no trouble getting back last weekend. The road to the village or valley down was blocked on Friday morning after the passage of Thursday's storm but all was relatively quickly cleared for us. We did not lose electricity either.
Bummer that all ski slopes were closed last Friday due to the avalanche risk because it was actually a sunny day again.   Oh well, I am not a ski fanatic, so I am not too upset that the weather prevented me from skiing every day.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making my curves

It was a little bit quiet here on my blog at the start of 2012....because I was trying to draw stylishly nice big curves on the slopes of the French Alpes without retreating to my instinctive plough as soon as it got a bit steeper (or if heavy snowfall limited our visibility).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Made in Belgium: SX

Happy New Year to you all. We start the fresh year with some etheric electro pop. SX is a fairly young promising band that is currently working on their first album. Their black video clip got a lot of positive reactions.

Black video

Mr Lion