Made in Belgium: Yasmine

At June 25 2009 the music scene was mourning the loss of a great artist. While the international press focused on the death of Michael Jackson, Flanders was shocked by the suicide of the sweet and talented Yasmine.

Hilde Rens/Yasmine was a well known show bizz tv presenter and singer had ended her life (after a painfull break-up with her wife?). She had grown well known with easy listening pop songs, but only truly broke through when she evolved to singer-song writing with sensitive qualitative texts with a personal touch. She presented for over a decade a showbizz program where she was known for her spontaneous cheeky touch combined with a deep sensitive side. We all loved her. I also really loved her Leonard Cohen cover which seems to bring out her most beautiful voice in my opinion.

Such a pity that we've lost her. Let's treasure her music.

Porselein (Porselain on vulnarability, deep in my soul I'm breakable and fragile)

So long Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)

Diep Rood (Hou me vast- Hold me)

Suzanne (live with Frank Boeijen)

Meisjes aan de macht (hit on girl power)

Mooi (Beautiful)

Dans me


Brian Miller said…
the instrumentation is gorgeous..wish i could understand...smiles.
Autumn Leaf said…
I'm glad you haven't forgotten Yasmine and her beautiful songs. Let's indeed treasure what she left us.

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