Thursday, January 31, 2013

Internet explorer

I noticed that my blog in its current lay-out might not be readible well if you use internet explorer 8.  An upgrade to I.E. 9 solves it, and Chrome as brower also works perfectly

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Made in Belgium: The Jacquelines

Last week I happened to hear The Jacquelines twice in only a few days and each time they generated a big smile on my face.  This sextet bring vintage music, swing jazz in a humorous modern way.  There's 3 women bringing their voices in harmony and they are accompagnied by 3 musicians.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just before it started melting,

we got some more snow and we profited to the fullest with 2 long winter walks. I'll miss these landscapes next week when we are promised with loads of rain and more rain again. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Made in Belgium: The Missuniverses

Last weekend I saw this coming by via Facebook. I had never heard of The Missuniverses and can still find very little info about them online, except that they seem to be a quintet from the Liege area bringing electro-rock.  I have the impression they are the lighter/more rock version of Goose.
From what I can see they are featured often at local small music festivals but also at Francofolies which is rather big.

Triangular Love is their newly released single:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It feels like walking on top of a crème brulée...

... if you go walking on a layer of snow after which it has been drizzling, freezing, snowing a bit again after which   temperatures had flirted with defrosting but ended up freezing again. 

The new ravel crossing the next village

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The frozen forest

In a land far and far away where king winter rules, the giant frozen trees guard the kingdom only allowing the icy wind to blow the boglands. Only the bravest knights dared to enter this magic land in their quest of the hidden treasure.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thanks for paying attention

"Do you still need to get changed before we go?"
"euh...nope, I'll go like this, it's way to cold to go in anything more stylish anyway."

"I'm going to go up to get my suit, do you still need to come upstairs"
"No, I'm fine, just need to put my shoes on that are at the door"

[loud from upstairs]
"I don't know about you, dear, but I'm ready to go"
"Hey, if we only  leave in half an hour and I've said already twice that I'm ready to go, why are you chasing me"'
[coming downstairs with confused look]
"Oh, I thought you still had to get changed and get ready"

Yep, he deserves a medal for listening attentively.


"It's cold huh", my colleagues chuckled when I appeared in the office
"Not like this", I grinned gesturing to my outfit

I must admit, that grin was hidden between my double scarf and my deeply pulled hat. And I'm sure it was funny when I started to peel of my multiple layers of clothes. After all it was cold outside....up to -10C (for you Canadians:  it's humid too so picture -10 in Vancouver, not inland).  A few inches of snow and very low temperatures are enough to cause huge traffic jams and public transport outages all over!

We're in an official cold-wave since Thursday as apparently you only need 5 nights of freezing temps and 3 days that remain below zero.  Hmm in my ideal world a "normal" winter should then be filled with plenty of cold-waves   At least I'm consistent, I also want lots of heatwaves in the summer :p.  Let the seasons be true seasons, this is much nicer than the 4 weeks of soft grey drizzle we've had before.

The predictions are that it will remain freezing for another week for sure...generating immediately skating fever in the Netherlands :D.  Yep, potentially we get this again by mid next week! Now I also understand why none of the Amsterdammers takes the effort or has the courtesy to clear up the snow in front of their door: they rather let the few inches we got on Tuesday get trampled by the pedestrians and then frozen to a dangerous ice rink :   it must be part of their skating madness.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Made in Belgium: Trixie Whitley

The Belgian/American Trixie Whitley isn't a huge star in Belgium although she probably should be.   I guess it's because she currently lives in New York although she also spent major parts of her childhood in Ghent (or she was touring with her father Chris Whitley).

However now that she's about to release her first true album in February and her first song from that is getting airplay at StuBru, being last weeks "Hotshot " of the week.

Here is the hotshot "Need your love" which makes me vary anxious to here the rest of her album.  Can't wait! Yeay.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Arno in Paradiso

Oh remember that in December I had a cold and was tired and didn't do much of blogging?   I completely forgot to tell you that I went to see Arno in Paradiso in Amsterdam.  

I was all on my own, sniffing with painful sinusses but it was great.  His Flemish remarks worked like stand-up comedy among the Dutch.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Made in Belgium: Astroline

I saw some 90ies flashbacks on tv last week and Astronline came by. Gosh, I had simply forgotten how many different electro dance projects we had in Belgium in the 90ies.   Here's one out of the dozens.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet the Bonaireans Part III

Thanks to Blogger not wanting to add more pictures in my posts, this post got quite delayed...but I'm glad to share with you anyway some more of our Bonaire friends.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today we went "nieuwjaren" (verb "to new year") which basically means we went for lots of food to my family & Jan's family to wish everybody a happy new year.   This is usually done on New Year's Day but since New Year's Day is often a hard day to rise & shine in time, we usually do it one of the next days or often the first weekend of the fresh year.   For us that coincided with a family gathering at Jan's family side so we did lots of kissing and wishing!! (don't blame us when that predicted flu epidemic starts next week)

Traditionally kids read a "New Year's Letter" to their godparents and/or grandparents.  In our family we are no longer doing memorized little rhymes but they now can read their own written letter .   Gosh, they grow up so fast.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's list

  • Everyone seems to post reflections on 2012 and resolutions lists for 2013.  As usual I don't. (although exceptionally I do have a resolution made). But in order to fit in a little bit with this social habit, I'll make a list of some random thoughts.
  • Last days I seem to suffer from continuously cold feet.  So watch out if you sit near me, I might attempt to warm my feet on top of yours. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • My neck muscle is quite sore sit to my right hand side if you want some attention or to the left if you want some quiet time ;)
  • After 2 weeks vacation I'm actually looking forward to getting back at work next week. Although I'm quite used now to sleeping in...hmm damn. 
  • For weeks I want to clean up the leaves in the garden but I'm waiting until they dry a bit.....not easy if it's been raining for weeks. yep, for weeks now.  Since last year already and still . 
  • I was really impressed by the quality of the Heverlee fireworks. ...not that they were mind boggling, but I really didn't expect much of it.
  • I caught up a lot of my backlog in blogs reading...did you notice? 
  • Does anyone know when the latest season of The Big Bang Theory will air in Belgium? Now I finally have a Bazinga T-shirt and I want to watch the show wearing it :p
  • We need some snow in Belgium...either that or I want to go to a sunny diving destination soon.
  • If I post this at 0:00 h, is it today or yesterday (or today or tomorrow)?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Made in Belgium: The Cousins

Let's start the year with a old, gooffy, cheerful song from 1960: Kili Watch!
Somehow I can't find any video's that can be embedded so you'll simply need to click on the link and watch it on youtube itself.

have fun!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishes for a great 2013 from Leuven

While watching the local fireworks going up at midnight , in the drizzling rain, among kissing people with bubbles in their hands,   I wondered with every explosion what 2013 will bring.  Don't we all wonder?  Don't we all hope with every flare going up that it's going to be good?    I sure do.

Cheers on a hopeful day :)  .   All best wishes to you !