"It's cold huh", my colleagues chuckled when I appeared in the office
"Not like this", I grinned gesturing to my outfit

I must admit, that grin was hidden between my double scarf and my deeply pulled hat. And I'm sure it was funny when I started to peel of my multiple layers of clothes. After all it was cold outside....up to -10C (for you Canadians:  it's humid too so picture -10 in Vancouver, not inland).  A few inches of snow and very low temperatures are enough to cause huge traffic jams and public transport outages all over!

We're in an official cold-wave since Thursday as apparently you only need 5 nights of freezing temps and 3 days that remain below zero.  Hmm in my ideal world a "normal" winter should then be filled with plenty of cold-waves   At least I'm consistent, I also want lots of heatwaves in the summer :p.  Let the seasons be true seasons, this is much nicer than the 4 weeks of soft grey drizzle we've had before.

The predictions are that it will remain freezing for another week for sure...generating immediately skating fever in the Netherlands :D.  Yep, potentially we get this again by mid next week! Now I also understand why none of the Amsterdammers takes the effort or has the courtesy to clear up the snow in front of their door: they rather let the few inches we got on Tuesday get trampled by the pedestrians and then frozen to a dangerous ice rink :   it must be part of their skating madness.


Brian Miller said…
nice...we finally got snow yeaterday...sadly the sun is out today and eating it away quickly but we have been bundled and sledding and snow boarding as fast as we can...smiles.
Autumn Leaf said…
Laagjeskledij, ik ontdekte het concept toen ik in NY woonde waar het in de winter ook stevig koud kan zijn en in de zomer behoorlijk heet, en ben sindsdien een grote fan van deze aanpak.

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