Monday, June 27, 2005


You know what I love about the summer, a part from the sunny weather? .... All the summer events that take place. There is soooo much happening. There is too much happening as a matter of fact.

From this weekend on in Belgium there are multiple music festivals going on every weekend until september. E.g. this weekend you could choose for Graspop , a metal festival (80000 people); the city parade , a techno parade (300000 people); TW Classic (25000 people), etc etc. And of course you can go to multiple "braderies" with traffic free commercial streets and animation that always go on at the end of June across Belgium. Or if you crossed the border you'd go to the Hague where the free Parkpop music festival celebrated its 25th anniversary and drew a crowd of 350000 people.
And next weekend, you'll have a similar choice again. Don't you worry, several websites offer you festival search facilities and calenders :-). so you can find large scale events or very cute small scale events.

What I often wonder.... how come that so many people are on those festivals, and that it's still so crowded in the cities and at the beaches etc as well???

The great offer makes it difficult to actually to agree upon a festival or activity with friends!! And it gives me a hard time as I want to travel as well and relax in the sun as well on. Life is tough in the summer!!

French consultants

I am just wondering why most male French consultants look very much alike? They must all have a discount for the same hairdresser and stylist.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yeah an official heatwave!

Since today there is an official heat wave in Belgium!! How appropriate at the start of the summer. I love it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Help, I have a blogspot

Amazing how one thing leads to another. For a couple of days ago, Julia was making my curious with her msn status advertising her own blogspot. So tonight I checked it out and I really thought it was cute to read her thoughts from the last couple of days. So I wanted to write spontaneously a small response.
Well, it didn't go that quickly...turns out I needed to register and in that process I ended up creating a blogspot for myself.

Help help, stres, what am I going to do with my own blogspot?

All I can think of to write right now is that the sky is turning amazingly pink and purple at this moment. It's 10.23 PM on the longest day of the year and the sun is only going under right now turning the sky in amazing colors. If a child would color the sky so brightly pink on a drawing, we'd correct it. But I guess the atmosphere has more imagination right now than we have!
Bye bye, I'll finish now the mails I was typing before I turned myself unexpectedly into a blogger!