Help, I have a blogspot

Amazing how one thing leads to another. For a couple of days ago, Julia was making my curious with her msn status advertising her own blogspot. So tonight I checked it out and I really thought it was cute to read her thoughts from the last couple of days. So I wanted to write spontaneously a small response.
Well, it didn't go that quickly...turns out I needed to register and in that process I ended up creating a blogspot for myself.

Help help, stres, what am I going to do with my own blogspot?

All I can think of to write right now is that the sky is turning amazingly pink and purple at this moment. It's 10.23 PM on the longest day of the year and the sun is only going under right now turning the sky in amazing colors. If a child would color the sky so brightly pink on a drawing, we'd correct it. But I guess the atmosphere has more imagination right now than we have!
Bye bye, I'll finish now the mails I was typing before I turned myself unexpectedly into a blogger!


pinkjules said…
Hi Elle,

Congratulation on starting your blog,
I wish I could see that pretty is kind of hazy here.
Hope you arn't awoken by a big ruckas tomorrow.

your sister across the sea

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