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I think our newly bought camping tent is very very very

Leuven wins "Mijn Restaurant"

Like candles in the wind

Mijn Restaurant finalists in Gault Millau guide

Number 25

Boeing 747 splits in two on take off in Brussels

My swimming record

The growing hole, the gas company and the Olympic Flame


Eurovisionsong contest: hilariously horrendous...or Mijn Restaurant

Eurovision songcontest: vote for Ishtar from Belgium

Wir haben ein grosses Problem

Electoral bureaucracy at work

The making of the terrace

From today onwards we'll be able to sit outside on our newly installed wooden

Leuven in scène

Whaaa it rains

My first dive in Belgium

A hot Mother's Day

Why they told us not to drive in Lisbon

Tonight we sing our choir concert Canto Libre in Wijgmaal at 20u and you are all welcome to come and

Pai Nosso dos Mártires II (this time with the music included :p)

Pai Nosso dos Mártires II

Living Darfur )


Long too busy weekend

Last Saturday I was at a wedding. Yesterday we were at a wedding and now I am getting ready to leave for another.....