Eurovisionsong contest: hilariously horrendous...or Mijn Restaurant

Hmm tonight is a tough evening:It's the first semi final of the Eurovision songcontest and it's "Mijn Restaurant" where we'll know who joins Leuven (yeaaah!!) in the final : Exquisa or Matizze. I like Exquisa more...but I think they will mobilise more votes. So tactically I'd wish for Matizze to be in the final.

Anyway, tonight I'll flip back and forth between the 2 programs. I thought I wouldn't go back to the Eurovision songcontest once I had seen Belgium... but this is sooo entertaining to form an opinion about them all. After all this a program that everybody supposedly mocks, and yet the next day everyone can talk along :p. I'll keep going back and forth while chatting with friends who are commenting on all the acts. Hihihi.

* Montenegro: can't remember anymore what I've seen
* Israel: very ethnic. makes me dream of vacation. But I wouldn't want to hear this song on the radio over and over.
* Estonia: what a hideous circus. I couldn't watch this to the end.
* Moldavia: nice voice if she sings low...unfortunately there were a lot of higher parts in the song as well.
* San Marino: can't remember
* Belgium: if you hear it for the first time it might be strange, but it is so fun and catchy! they did very well. But those backing vocals really should wear something different. So ugly.
But the people in the audience were clapping along, so it is really catchy.
* Azerbeidjan: there were fireworks. it was pretty aweful. A gothic song in white outfits.
* Slovenie: was this the robocop act??
* Norway: ah finally a real singer with a good voice, a real song. Pheww....and yet it is pretty boring.
* Poland...huh a cleavage so you can see the bellybutton. That's a bit over the top no. She can sing but has spent all her money on plastic surgery, I think.
* Ireland....oh the turkey is coming. The famous Turkey. hihihi, this is so horrendous that I find it humorous. it's one big mockery. Funny.
* Andorra: hmm she's wearing a Xena Warrior outfit. The song is not worth commenting.
* Bosnia: Another circus act. Yikes...time to go and watch "Mijn Restaurant again"
* Armenia: reminds me of Ruslana, so that's good
* the Netherlands: ethnic too and not as cheesy as some of their usual entrances. Deserves the final too.
* Finland: hmm Lordy without masks. Do they really think they can pull that off twice with the same type of music?
* Romania: they surely can sing. Strong loud voices. Andrea Bocceli style. Strong passionate balad in opera style which would have surely won 20 years ago...they must go to the final for their voices only.
* Russia: huh? a figure skater on stage? a violist who is obviously faking it? Gosh this entire song is soooo fake. Let's go back to "Mijn Restaurant"
* Greece: hey...she stole those dance jumps from Britney Spears's 'Baby one more time'. ......I think this is a good moment to run to the toilet.

OOOh voting time.....please vote for Belgium now. If we don't make the first 10 places, I'll only blog about Eurovision anymore. isn't that a good threat ;). No seriously, I have seen a lot of awful things, Belgium should be able to go to the final.

oh this break is just in time to see the announcement of the next finalist and the next closure in Mijn Restaurant. Can you believe I feel nervous? I pity the contestants as all 3 restaurants now deserve to go on.

Whaaaaa the final is for Exquisa (Hasselt) and d'Hoogeschool (Leuven). Well the most sympathetic and hardworking people are in the final. But I fear that Hasselt will be a too tough contestent against Leuven. So you all must vote for Leuven. ok? Deal?

ok back to the finalists of Eurovision songcontest. takes ages there before the votes have been counted. Other years it's much faster.

Update: Argh we didn't make it once again. I don't understand some of the choices. Pfff. How frustrating. Seriously we would have deserved to be in the top 10 tonight. Once again we have not managed to mobilise voters and popularity across Europe.
I don't think I'll keep on blogging about the Eurovision song contest though, so don't fear my threat. At least I don't have to record the final on Saturday as we are not home.

Anyway, I've put the countries who made the final in bold.


Hmmm.... I still find much of the Eurovision music just plain weird.
Kate said…
I have to admit i am a closet Eurovision lover! It is just so hillarious! Come on the UK!!! :)
charrette said…
So funny you guys are all wrapped up in eurovision at the same time we're over here dying over American Idol! AI put on a great show last night, but I'll have to tune in to EV sometime just for laughs!

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