Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beertje's first party - the kids fun

At the party this weekend, a quarter of the guests were kids. We had a little corner with toys but due to the nice weather and the room to play outside, most of them were outdoors all the time. There were water guns involved but I only realised how big the battle was outside when I noticed too late that Kabouter was soaking wet and some of our guests were also leaving a bit wet. I apologize for that.

But all in all it looked like good fun and made me long for more of that in the summer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Beertje's first party

As with his brother, Beertje got his first big party when he is about 3 months.  His babyborrel reception was for all our friends and family, to come and have a few glasses and some nice snacks together in a relax gathering.

I had succeeded this week to complete sufficient 'baptism sugar' gift boxes ready to set-up a moose inspired display, after a day of finger hurting box folding, filling and ribbon knotting against the clock.

We had the same location (a local parish hall) and caterer (from our well-loved M-café) as with Kabouter's party but this time we had the advantage of being in summer, so we could enjoy walking outside as well.
The fact of organising a party in the summer had the big disadvantage however that a lot of people's agenda's were already filled. A lot of schools were having their yearly school celebrations, students were studying already, etc.  Much to our disappointment a lot of our friends that came previous time couldn't make it this time.  Even harder was the loss of my cousin and the fact that her funeral was in the morning: I was missing her goodbye and obviously my father's relatives couldn't make it to Leuven anymore. They were all very much missed and on my mind. For my sister and mother who came from the funeral, it was a very odd day with strong emotions.
Fortunately my dad, on the other hand, was good enough to be transported and could come in a wheelchair to join the party of his 3rd grandson together with the other 100 people present. Glad that worked out well as I had not been so certain about it beforehand. 

Our little party animal had a quick snooze before the first guests arrived and later on the afternoon he willingly rested on the arms of his grandmother and several of our friends, taking in all the attention and love. 

For some of the family and friends present there were reunions of people that had not seen each other in years, so that was good fun.  A baby is always a very good reason to get together, don't you think? And plans for new meetings were made :). yeay. There were quite some kids present that seemed to have a good time with the toys around and with the playground outside where they could run outside. Also a lot of our guests preferred to be outdoors and enjoy the nice weather for as long as it would last that weekend. 

It was a fun day and as usual on such events we lacked time to talk to everyone sufficiently.

Pictures of Kabouter's first party are here (find the resemblances and differences)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Kabouter conversations - May 2016

  • We walk by a house that gets renovated on our way and they are unloading a truck with new windows.

    G: "Look Kabouter, that house is getting new windows"
    K: "Goed idee, meneer, bravooo"  (good idea, sir, well done)

  • "Vogel in uh dak van de boom"  (bird in the roof of the tree)

  • During an announcement of a super hero movie on tv, showing a blonde female hero
    "Mega Mindy!! ... Lijkt een beetje op"  (Mega Mindy is Belgian child super hero series on tv)

  • "Jaaa jaaaaa Beertje, ja jaaaaaa.   Mama komt. Ja jaaaa"  (when Beertje is crying.  It is very confronting to hear Kabouter imitate us).

    "Beertje weent. Oeioeioeioeioei"

  • "Mama nieuwe pyjama aan?"  while he points to my nice top that I've been wearing the last 2 days.   Great...thanks.

  • "Mama en Kabouter zijn naar bloemetjeswinkel geweest. We hebben niets geneemd"
    (we went to a garden shop but left empty handed again)

  • "ik wil pizza
    ...     op de kleine tafel"

    (pizza is to be eaten in front of tv and he knows that)

  • After Kabouter didn't finish his plate entirely since he was full, he comes to ask for a cookie, which he doesn't get since he was full. So we explain him that there is no more room in his tummy for a cookie.

    After leaving acceptingly and playing for 5 minutes, he returns to us and points solemnly to his armpit, his side and his kidney.
    "I still have room here , here and here for a cookie"

  • We are getting in the car and right away, Kabouter asks for a cookie.   I tell him he will get one when we are on the big road (we have 30 min of local drives and then 1h of driving on the freeway).

    When we've left the many turns of the next village we hit a stretch of approx 500m straight length and we hear from the back seat
    K: "Dit is lange baan, mama"  (this is the long road, mommy)

  • G: "Kabouter, kom aan tafel"
    K: "Wat eten we?
    G: "Worst"
    K: "Ik wil ook frietjes"
    G: "Er zijn vandaag geen frietjes"
    K: "Dat is wel spijtig"

    ("it is a pity" as a reply that we are not eating fries)

  • "Staat een piano op! "   (Kabouter sees a piano on Beertje's outfit since he's got dark blue and white striped sleeves)

  • Kabouter is crying
    "Wat's gebeurd?"
    "Mamaaaaa Beertje wil drinken"

  • He came home from school and hadn't eaten his waffle cookie in the break, so we asked what was wrong with his cookie.
    "Het was gewoon even niet lekker nu"

  • "Wat is me dat nu?" (random question these days)

  • "Ik heb op mijn tong gebijt"   (he bit on his tongue...often conveniently when he doesn't want to eat anymore"

  • We are reading books before bedtime. The first page of the book about Muis states "this book belongs too...."
    G: "Dit boek is van Kabouter"
    K: "Neeee mama, dit boek is van Muis!"

  • He pulls some child sunglasses out of a new display in the pharmacy
    "Dit is coool"

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Made in Belgium: Laura Tesoro

It has become a new tradition that I 'discover' the Belgian contestant of the Eurovision Song Contest during the contest itself.  Last 2  years we were travelling and I missed the festival all together (and didn't miss it for a single bit) but even the years before I seem to have lost my interest.

This year I watched the finale and I was pleasantly surprised by Laura Tesoro and her contagious cheerfullness and energy.  I have no idea where Belgium has dug her up...apparently she participated in the Voice of Belgium. I must be getting old, I have no clue anymore who are the new stars of our country.

Anyway, how do you like her?

Monday, May 23, 2016

School celebrations

There seems to be always something happening at Kabouter's school. Last Saturday was the yearly school celebrations.  As the school is rather small without a big hall to organise events, we were really glad the weather cooperated gloriously for a day of outdoor games and casual gatherings.

Kabouter and his friends seemed a bit too small to be interested in the games journey organized. They were a bit confused why they were not allowed to just go jump or play in the sand box ad hoc rather than participate in a treasure hunt.
While their class teacher had gotten unwell and had to leave, Kabouter was delighted to be able to visit with Mrs Maria who takes care of them each lunch hour. The 2 are clearly getting along very well. Although she was officially off duty, she took the children along with a big smile.

It was a very busy afternoon with lots of people everywhere and with the kids running in all directions, the dad's ended up rescuing and comforting each other's baby's at some point :).

At 5 Pm it was time for the short dance demonstrating show.   Half of Kabouter's class chickened out, in absence of their familiar teacher but Kabouter and some of their friends lined up anyhow with the children of the next toddler class.  It was a short cute dance about their sunglasses. Afterwards the kids of the elementary school did a big flash mob.

At the end of the afternoon it became more quiet and the kids of his class clearly enjoyed the extra space and freedom to race around their familiar play ground and garden. We enjoyed more social time by meeting more parents until we realized that everything had already been cleaned up except for our little circle of chairs.  Time to go home after a very pleasant and relax afternoon!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Paintings for grandad

What to do on a rainy sunday? We've made some paintings to brighten up grandad's hospital room :) . The technique used are carefully placed finger compositions "brightened" up with big swipes across the paper :p.