School celebrations

There seems to be always something happening at Kabouter's school. Last Saturday was the yearly school celebrations.  As the school is rather small without a big hall to organise events, we were really glad the weather cooperated gloriously for a day of outdoor games and casual gatherings.

Kabouter and his friends seemed a bit too small to be interested in the games journey organized. They were a bit confused why they were not allowed to just go jump or play in the sand box ad hoc rather than participate in a treasure hunt.
While their class teacher had gotten unwell and had to leave, Kabouter was delighted to be able to visit with Mrs Maria who takes care of them each lunch hour. The 2 are clearly getting along very well. Although she was officially off duty, she took the children along with a big smile.

It was a very busy afternoon with lots of people everywhere and with the kids running in all directions, the dad's ended up rescuing and comforting each other's baby's at some point :).

At 5 Pm it was time for the short dance demonstrating show.   Half of Kabouter's class chickened out, in absence of their familiar teacher but Kabouter and some of their friends lined up anyhow with the children of the next toddler class.  It was a short cute dance about their sunglasses. Afterwards the kids of the elementary school did a big flash mob.

At the end of the afternoon it became more quiet and the kids of his class clearly enjoyed the extra space and freedom to race around their familiar play ground and garden. We enjoyed more social time by meeting more parents until we realized that everything had already been cleaned up except for our little circle of chairs.  Time to go home after a very pleasant and relax afternoon!


Sofie said…
Looks like fun!

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