Number 25

Yesterday was my 25th dive, Jan's 50th dive and my first dive in Zeeland ('t Koepeltje in Grevelingen). Another milestone this weekend.

(me on the left, Jan in the middle and our other buddy on the right)


CONGRATS! The water looks absolutely frigid, though.
Lilacspecs said…
Cool, although yesterday was pretty chilly and rainy. Such a cool hobby to have though!
Snooker said…
Whoo hoo!!!

How did your floating legs thing work out?
Goofball said…
@Jen: the water was 16° which you can see if you click on the graph I believe. with our suits, that was quite comfortable. Outside was 20° (at the return of our dive even a tiny bit sunny), so that was allright.

@lilaspecs: yeah on our arrival it was raining a bit and it was windy but it got better afterwards. But in the water it's wet anyways ;).

@snooker: hey thanks for asking. I bought a 12L tank that is longer and narrower so to make sure it is still haning on my ass. I also watch out not to put it too high. And I bought 2 half kilo's lead for my anckles. I had first tested it all once in the pool on Saturday.
Yes the floating feet were definately better, but I really still need a lot more practise to dive in colder low visibility water. The heavier equipment, the light, the gloves, ... it's all still so new for me. At one point I started moving too much again...started going up a bit and let too much air off my BCD as a reaction. So I sank into the sand creating zero visibility for myself. At that point I was glad to know I was attached to Jan via a buddy line, so I could refind my buyuancy calmly knowing that jan was just there even though I didn't see him at that moment. On other points visibility was better (only 2m max though) and we saw an incredible amount of lobsters and crabs.
E. Youre amazing - you know I feel like I'm drowning when I swim laps in the pool with a snorkle on!! Diving is not something I think that I would relish.
Allie said…
So, where exactly is this dive? 25now? That is impressive girl!

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