Boeing 747 splits in two on take off in Brussels

If anyone needs to take a flight from or to Brussels in the near future: Good news, all the safety and emergency procedures have been thouroughly practised and applied today!

Oh and if you are waiting for some diplomatic mail from the US to the Middle East: it might arrive a bit late and might have been wet.


Allie said…
So was this a cargo plane? Were there any passengers? Did anyone get injured?

Hmm ... Perhaps I will have to swim over to Brussels next year. :P
Goofball said…
@allie: yes it was a cargo flight with a car, batteries and lots of diplomatic mail on board.

The 5 members of US crew could escape safely from a slide and are brought to the hospital with some shock, but are not really injured as far as I've heard.

The plane has slid just with it's tip above the railroad. And it was leaking kerosine with explosion danger. But all in all no huge disaster has happened.
anno said…
Yikes! For a small country, Belgium certainly provides more than its fair share of exciting moments. Gas flames! Planes splitting in two! Government schisms! Music contests and restaurant challenges!
Oh my goodness... I'm so glad everyone was okay!

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