On a square a bit further in the city next to the building of the Province administration, a huge picture announces the "day of the strawberry" this Sunday. The province of Vlaams-Brabant organises this day to promote the strawberries and in many towns you can visit strawberry farms, do special walks etc... They also announced in the news today that the first "earth strawberries" had gone to the auction.

And yes indeed: our first strawberry in our garden is ripe :-).


Lilacspecs said…
okay, first of all, our strawberry plants haven't done much so, I'm jealous.

Second, that's one mutated lookin berry!
anno said…
Mutated or not, that looks great! Ours might be coming in a month or so. Warmer weather would help.
Oh, it looks wonderful. I think we're still weeks away from our season, and apparently, Anno agrees with me! ;-)

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