Mijn Restaurant finalists in Gault Millau guide

In the past I've written about the "visitor rules" in the restaurants that participate in the tv contest Mijn Restaurant. The tv crews in the restaurant would totally put me off.

Even though I am quite a fan of the tv program, despite the many critics coming along and giving their opinion, I found it hard to really judge whether these were becoming top restaurants or not. This time 2 Gault Millau critics with clouded faces came along anonymously. And the end verdict was that both finalists would be entered in the next edition of their guide with 12/20 points for d'Hoogeschool in Leuven and 13/20 for Exquisa in Hasselt (well I guess only if they both still exist at that moment). Wow, I'm impressed. Pretty amazing for new restaurants! Maybe when all the tv fuss is long over, we should go and check it out :).

And don't worry about the one missing point for Leuven: they were distracted because the entire city council had come to lunch. Pooh, they are worth as much as Hasselt ;). So, don't forget to vote for Leuven! 2 more days before the end!

Have you also heard the funny side effects resulting from the program's tremendous popularity? hahaha apparently Belgians have become real snobs in restaurants, even in smaller taverns and bistro's. We are all acting like critics in a 3 star restaurant now.
  • "oh we didn't have any bread on the table within x minutes"
  • "oh the wine is too cold or too hot"
  • "I dropped my napkin and they didn't notice".

Pretty amusing :p.
Oh and now right after the broadcast about GaultMillau, their website is down.

And the cooking schools see the number of new students rise significantly. Horeca is hot in Flanders right now. ...until the next hype starts, I suppose.


Lilacspecs said…
We watched the show last night for the first time. Guess a bit late then not at all? Granted I really couldn't understand a lot of it, but I think that was more because we hadn't followed the show. The subtitles really help too of course.
lies said…
Zoooo spannend!!! Morgen weten we het!!!
anno said…
Oh, such mouth-watering excitement! Yes, you should definitely check these places out... and give us your own review!

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