Carol at Northwest Ladybug and Jen of A2eatwrite played this cool meme that I found interesting to do myself.

  • 10 years ago I was studying for my exams in the 3rd year of Economics at university. All library books had been expelled from my house again in order to avoid any temptation. As if I couldn't find distraction in whatever (hey flipping up a pen and trying to catch it can be pretty entertaining if necessary :p...at least more entertaining than analytical accounting, financial economics, market research, ...). Nevertheless I was a fairly disciplined student trying to stick to a schedule and method that had proven quite succesful in the past.

  • 10 months ago I was getting depressed by the cold and wet summer weather while I was planning to attend some summer music festivals.

  • 10 weeks ago I found out that I am not suffering from glaucoma (yet). I knew I had to go and get my eyes checked for a long time yet, but it's one of those things that you always postpone somehow. I've always told myself I'd have glaucoma but I was quite cheerful that evening to hear that my eyes were still perfectly healthy.

  • 10 days ago we went to the marriage of an old time friend who happens to be our architect as well. It was so cute to see their nervosity and their hapiness. It was great to see his brothers again with whom I've been on camps 9 years ago. It was so much fun to get on the dancefloor again on very good party music. It was so tiring to arrive home early in the morning :)

  • 10 hours ago I phoned some colleagues to see whether they'd come to the cantine for lunch.

  • 10 minutes ago I was already typing this post while watching "Mijn Restaurant" on tv.

  • 10 minutes from now, I might still be typing this post as I don't proceed very fast while chatting and watching tv.

  • 10 hours from now, I'll be at the breakfast table getting ready for work again.

  • 10 days from now I'll be happy to be home after a couple of busy weeks and I'll probably have very mixed feelings for our last choir concert. I think I'll be very relieved it's almost over and yet after a year of working on those songs, it'll be strange as well.
  • 10 weeks from now I'll be going back to work after a camping trip with the diving club.

  • 10 months from now I hope I am back in Egypt for a diving vacation. However I doubt that it'll fit in our schedule last year. If so, I hopefully find another way to drive the winter fatigue out of my body.
  • 10 years from now I dream to have a job with less commuting time than now and I hope to be a mother. I hope to feel more self-assured in the same way that I have gained confidence and stability over the last 10 years (let's face it: as a student you have no idea yet what professional choices will come your way, which relational choices you'll make etc...).
    Hopefully I have gotten myself in a better shape than now and have maintained it, because it's quite shameful right now. And all of this with still time to relax now and then , to be active in music, to read books, to travel... Hmm does it hurt to be a little unrealistic? let's call it being optimistic.


Optimism is always a good word! It was great to read your take on the meme!
anno said…
Optimism is a great word! I have high hopes for all your ambitions!
Allie said…
Cool meme! Just reading through it, made me miss you all that more!!
Lilacspecs said…
I like this meme when I saw it on Jen's blog and I like it here too. And Egypt, I would sooo love to go to Egypt. But then again, I'd like to have an actual bathroom too and that's gotta come before a trip to Egypt.

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