I think our newly bought camping tent is very very very


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citizen jane said…
It is cool. Although you're a better woman than I am -- my idea of camping is no room service at the hotel. How sad is that?
anno said…
Very cool! Have plans for it, yet?
Kate said…
it looks very exciting, is it to look at or is it for actual use?
Goofball said…
@Citizen jane: oh I am not a camping girl either though. It's the first time I own a camp and that just generated some excitement. Not sure if I'll actually survive the camping itself

@anno/Kate: yes 2 nights with the diving club to some lake...but civilisation and stores nearby I hope :p. Should be fun. since it's in Belgium and you can't trust the weather we deliveratly bought one with some front area where we can sit in shelter in the evening without being forced to lay on our bed yet.
It looks that way, indeed! And yes, I missed a HUGE number of your posts!

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