Long too busy weekend

I enjoyed a long warm sunny weekend, yet I was tooooooooooo busy to blog about it. We had a double holiday on Thursday: 1st of May labour day and Ascencion Day falling together. So I got Friday off as well to compensate.

  • We searched for a new bed in different stores and tested mattrass types.
  • I bought second-hand diving equipment (woohoo now I can start diving in Belgium too) from a family on the other side of the country
  • We visited family
  • We went to 2 weddings on 2 consequent days
  • I had a 4 hour evening rehearsal for our choir concert next weekend (check out theme song Canto Libre above!!)
  • We went to visit friends to see their baby (and got a sunburn from sitting outside) and we were in traffic jams from coastal traffic going home after a good sunny long weekend.
  • We dined in our garden outside twice (hurray for the first summer weather!!)
  • We booked a little trip in June at only 100 km from here

And the long weekend was gone already. And this weekend all my evenings are filled with choir rehearsals except for this one.

Can you imagine how heavenly it feels to sit in the sofa at home tonight?


I can't imagine it, actually. As you can probably guess from my silence every time you've tried to contact me recently, I've been having similar times! I *think* tomorrow will be the last of the insane days. Yay.

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