The growing hole, the gas company and the Olympic Flame

Since a long time we have a faint gass smell which has been reported already multiple times. Last time they started digging was in the only week with freezing temperatures last winter. 2 guys spent 2 days digging through the frozen earth, only to close it all up again the next day without any repairs. Each time we hear the same thing "yes the sniffers show there is some gas , but it's far within the safety margins so you shouldn't worry. If the smell worsens, warn us again". Pooh, we don't notice anymore.

Since 6 weeks they have opened the lid above the gaspipe again and put ribbons about it. 6 weeks without any activity until last Wednesday. A real digging machine showed up, a container, a crew...and a big hole appeared in the sidewalk before the lid (that was still surrounded by its ribbons). Yesterday the hill of earth got scooped in a container and taken away and the digging continued. A big hole the volume of our kitchen was now already there and in the bottom a big pipe is running while some cables are dangling much higher. I must say I am very intrigued, as the signs indicated they'd work until the end of the month. How much further will they dig? Hihi, are they making a secret tunnel? Where will this digging end and what is the purpose? And where on earth is the missing earth?

This morning the digging continued and the gas company arrived. Before we knew it we had the Olympic Flame in front of our window. Wow spectacular. But I still don't have a clue what they are doing. Hopefully fixing that "presence of some gas" for good.


anno said…
Spectacular is one word for that flame. A few more I might use would be, "Yikes! Let's get out of town this weekend!" And be sure to check the insurance policy on your house before you go.

Keep us posted, ok?
Wow... that looks very scary. Take good care.
Allie said…
Yikes! Um ... I don't exactly think that is good news to see those flames. And the scary thought is that you have been living around that for so long .....

But, on the other hand, you could always grab some marshmallows and have a campfire roast around the pit tonight. :)
Goofball said…
@anno/Jen/allie: hmm it didn't look that scary to me. I think having a gas smell around all the time without someone taking action is a lot scarier.

We figured they closed off the pipe (who splits there apparently) for their investigation and they had to burn the residu gas through a pipe rather than letting it escape just like that in the air. It burned for 30-60 minutes or something.

This weekend there is no activity, just a big hole, so I am not afraid something bad will happen all of a sudden. There's more risk while they are working. At least that's what I think.

There is another hole around the corner.

I am curious what they'll do next. But they sure better fix that darn gas smell! Knowing that there is a little bit of gas present , is a lot scarier.
Lesley said…
Wow that's quite the pic! I'm glad you thought to take a pic to show us - it really looks like a once in a lifetime kinda picture.

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