My swimming record

Since last fall I am in a diving club and they have a weekly training in the pool. I only joined 6 weeks after Jan did because we both participated in a 'test training' at the start of September and it was soooo tough that I got totally demotivated. I had had cramps, it felt as if I had lead in my legs for the rest of the weekend, etc...

But I know I am in very bad shape. I realised that Jan would get in a much better shape than me and the gap would widen. I know that being a good swimmer is an adventage for a diver (no..really?). So I started going as well, but not with too much enthousiasm at the start. I felt so bad and demotivated for being the last one when doing laps or doing whatever, each time. I was certain they all wondered what the heck I was doing out there.

But after a while you get used to being last. I figured that they'd better be pleased with my presence and persistence to get better and didn't truly feel any negative reactions from the others. And although I didn't see true progress in the pool, I am not as dead anymore after the training as I used to be before. So when Jan was in India the last months, I went to the training by myself (in November I surely would have used that as an excuse to stay home, I would have engaged myself surely in another activity).

Twice a year they test our condition by measuring the times we need to swim certain distances. Distances I've never swam non-stop in my life. In December I simply didn't show up. But now I didn't dare to chicken out either. How silly would that be.

So I went today with one goal: swim as much as you can. If I had to stop...I'd have to stop.

So I started and when I was halfway for the first test (swim 400m), the first ones in the club were done. When I had done 300m, everyone else was already waiting. At that moment everything hurt, but I did have the confidence then to finish. And I finished!!
Totally happy but very tired I started the second test (snorkel 800m). The first 10 lapses were tough as I had some cramps, but I wanted to do at least half the distance. I continued and it went better and better. I had to do the last 6 lapses on my own again, but I finished once more.

And I also did the >15 minutes water trampling afterwards.

I am sooooo proud of myself. I am so happy. I have swom all required distances to my surprise, and I've met their minimum requirements. Wooohooo! Hahaha, and next time I'll even do better ;).


That's a HUGE success, Goofball! Congratulations!
david mcmahon said…
Well done. It's a bit to cold to swim here in Australia. We've had ice each morning since Wednesday!
Lesley said…
That's fabulous! I'm so totally impressed by your athleticism - is that a real word?

Keep up the great work!
Rebecca said…
Good for you! Keep it up and soon you'll be swimming a kilometer with ease. :)
anno said…
What a fabulous achievement -- Congratulations!
Lilacspecs said…
Awesome! Congratulations, you earned it!
Allie said…
Way to persevere and work through the insecurity and lack of desire! That is a HUGE accomplishment Ellen!! Sending HUGE hugs your way!!!!

Or, perhaps you can swim over to me now and I can give you that hug in person. :P
Goofball said…
@ everybody: thanks for the congratulations. I was so dead in the evening, but I was also very happy. Even though it's proven now on paper that I am the slowest of the club (with a gap!), i've achieved something i didn't think I could do. I'm actually looking forward to the next training sessions now :)

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