Leuven in scène

When the students need to study for their exams, Leuven starts bubbling with events, concerts and activities. Last weekend it was "Leuven in scène" which turned Leuven in an open air theatre/circus.

After the family gatherings we took the time to make a cooling off promenade through the city during the evening.

We started off in the city park at an oldfashioned carousel with little boats floating around on a water basin. The children waved enthousiastically at their parents who were taking pictures.
Music on the other side drew our attention to a mesmerized group of people all looking up in the air where a trapeze artist was making spectacular controlled tumblings.
When his feet hit the ground the lights went out, but the spots turned on at the big tree further where huge colored draperies were hanging down. We followed the other spectators to watch some more acrobatic gymnasts perform up in the air.

Continuing our way through the park, we walked by Ali's ice cream stand where a long row of children was lined up waiting for an ice cream. Whenever they reached for their ice cream, Ali magically juggled the ice cream to the other side, leaving the children's hands grasping in the air. Or somehow they walk off first with a cone without icecream as Ali could make the scoop disappear again. Some more turns and twists with the ice cream cone happen before they can finally walk off with their well deserved treasure. Talk about a cool magic act :)

We've probably missed the most funny act of the evening when walking by the trailer and the long line-up for Luna. Everyone coming out just cracked up with laughter and had to grasp for breath after apparently laughing their ass off. I really wonder what happend inside that little trailer for sure!

Next to our beautiful city hall we could admire a 12 meter high bird cage in which a Dutch world champion whistling was performing his talents.

In the shopping windows of the Bondgenotenlaan we could treasure hunt for "real-life dolls" that were hidden in the street: a band player sitting behind the mobile phone store, an old mad women clutching her purse in a fancy clothing store, dolls on the roof of the theatre, ... A store manaquin holding a dog on a leash...some were very funny.

Our walk ended during sunset with the acrobatic streettheatre performance of Circ Panic "La caravana passa". Check out this flickr set of pictures! (and the pictures in the other hyperlinks above).

It was a magical evening in Leuven for sure!


Lilacspecs said…
Sounds like a really fun time and you had good weather for it too!
Wow! I want to move to Leuven!
Alex Elliot said…
That sounds like so much fun! I know my kids would love the ice cream act.
Jenn said…
Sounds like fun and very European


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