Leuven wins "Mijn Restaurant"

After the most horrible boring stretched out live final on tv where 2 hours were filled with truly nothing ....d'Hoogeschool in Leuven has unexpectedly won the tv restaurant tv competition "Mijn Restaurant". Wooohoo.

Everybody expected that the contestants from the province of Limburg would win, as Limburg always wins any sms contest. But Jelle and Micheline get to keep the restaurant which they started and an amount of money and the restaurant in Hasselt gets closed.

Yippee I am glad that this cool restaurant stays in Leuven. But I do hope that Steffie and Yanaika find some investors so they can negotiate the reopening of their restaurant as well. After all it's already famous and has already lots of good critics, so I am sure they can overcome their financial problem and buy out Exquisa with an investor.

Now I am off to bed. This show was surely dreadful. Nobody wants to watch 2 hours of live reporters that ask every 5 minutes
"oh Jelle, how do you feel now, are you feeling nervous"
"well viewers, you can notice that the nerves are very tense here. Over to Hasselt, are they as nervous over there"
"Yes indeed we are all very nervous over here as well. Back to Leuven, who do they think will win over there"
"Well Jelle , tell me, where do you think the helicopter is flying to tonight"
"well viewers, as you can hear, we really don't know who is going to win. How exciting...Over to Hasselt again"
(this conversation got repeated every 5 minutes at least ....how bad can tv get?)


anno said…
Woo hoo! Congratulations, Leuven!
Jen said…
Go Leuven!!! That's great news, even if the finale was boring.
Anonymous said…
praat eens Vlaams zeg, geen enkele buitenlander die dit programma gevolgd heeft...
Dank u, voor de rest wel een goeie review
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