Thanks for paying attention

"Do you still need to get changed before we go?"
"euh...nope, I'll go like this, it's way to cold to go in anything more stylish anyway."

"I'm going to go up to get my suit, do you still need to come upstairs"
"No, I'm fine, just need to put my shoes on that are at the door"

[loud from upstairs]
"I don't know about you, dear, but I'm ready to go"
"Hey, if we only  leave in half an hour and I've said already twice that I'm ready to go, why are you chasing me"'
[coming downstairs with confused look]
"Oh, I thought you still had to get changed and get ready"

Yep, he deserves a medal for listening attentively.


Brian Miller said…
hahaha....its a male thing...just saying...smiles...we have defective ears....
Anonymous said…
Wait til you have children ................

( dont I know it:-)

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