2012 is still so young

"You can wish someone a Happy New Year all of the month of January" I always heard when I was a kid. I live that vigoursly, ...still kissing everyone a happy 2012 and not having posted my holiday post cards yet. At least they'll get noticed in the mail, I tell myself :).  Since I am often abroad, I decided to enjoy my christmas tree just a bit longer before I take it down.

We're also still making the traditional visits to the family .  This year the New Year's letter from our nephew was for the first time not a memorised rhyme but it had been hand written and concentratedly read out loud with a proud display of these new skills. As we can digest for the rest of the year, we go from table to table and wish a happy new year again.

And since I have not wished you all a Happy New Year yet, this is my wish for you all

Happy 2012 to you all!!


Brian Miller said…
hey i am all about continuing the magic of the new year....we just did christmas with the inlaws this week...
Shan said…
Happy New Year!

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