5 years citizen of Leuven

I got a new ID today.  I mean the card, obviously I am not changed. Just my picture is getting worse with each edition of the card.  Bleh, will have to do with this one for another 5 years. I got my previous card 5 years ago when I officially moved to Leuven. Huh? 5 years? No....that's been 3,5 years or so. 5 already?

Well it's not like I don't feel completely at home here and that Ghent seems already like a far past.  And obviously it's already a couple of years that I am part of the dive club here and I've spent 3-4 years  in the choir and I take yoga already quite a while (although rather irregularly at the moment) and I went voting here already twice for sure (not quite a relevant fact given the Belgium's election diarrhea).  Nevertheless it comes a bit as a shock to be officially confronted how quickly time flies. Up to the next 5 years!  And the next :)

It must be stated though that I have been a citizen of Blogger much longer :p.


Brian Miller said…
pretty crazy how time flies eh? hard to believe i have lived here over 5 years...i never live anywhere that long...smiles.
Betsy said…
pssst. 5 years? That's nothing. I've been following your blog for waaaaay longer! :-)

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