Made in Belgium: de Fixxkes

5 years ago there was a new band from the north of Antwerp that brought us a very nostalgic  song about childhood memories, brought in a local dialect.
The text is so right on, recognisable to all of us with references to popular childhood tv shows (Ooooh I miss Merlina!) , the fact we could stay up later at night when it was Eurovision, the outfits we used to wear, some popular games we played in the street , the cassette typees we were mixing, etc...

The melancholic song was a huge hit right away and broke all recors in 2007:  it was on the number one position for 16 weeks and got a lot of airplay both on commercial radio stations as in more alternative ones.  I was doing some project implementations that year and remember singing it along with some colleagues on long evenings at work on hot summer days.  So now the song does not only trigger memories, the song itself also triggers memories to 2007.

Anyway, ...The Fixxkes have never achieved a big hit anymore afterwards but it's always fun to hear this again now and then.  Just close your eyes and remember your childhood, the games you played, the silly things you fought over with friends, your first falling in love, ...

kvraagetaan - 2007


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