Diving and camping proofs to be a good combination

The company was good , the camping quiet and green and our new tent and new sleeping bags have survived the test of rain showers on Friday night and of the cold on Saturday night.

A campfire to battle the cold

Gnomes, bus wrecks, helicopter wrecks...you can find it all under water if you want at Lac de L'eau d'Heure (and if you can navigate...which Jan can...not me quite yet).

In the old quarrel of La Croisette the big carps were hungry and looking for company

I'm looking forward to the following club weekend.


lies said…
Duik jij?!! Cool zeg!!
Goofball said…
@Lies: yep yep, ik probeer dat toch. Soms blog ik er tot vervelens toe over, maar nu was het blijkbaar tijdje geleden. Klik op label "diving" om meer foto's te zien als je dat interesseert.
Jen said…
That gnome was too funny!
anno said…
Wow! Sounds like an adventure! Me, I'd be hanging out around the campfire. All day.

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