Monte Mare Tauchzenter in Rheinbach

What do you do when outside dives are cancelled due to stormy winds at the Dutch coast? Go to an indoor diving pool across the border in Rheinbach, Germany: Monte Mare.
So what do you do all the time in a not enourmous pool that you can access all day? Take lots and lots and lots of pictures of each other while playing with the available props ! (and swim a bit and do some exercises).

Besides playing in the water, we also enjoyed the waterslides, the pool with waves and the huge sauna complex.
PS: Snooker, after posting your scuba handstand, I wondered if I could do one as well. I had never tried. So here's my version of it :)


anno said…
Looks like more fun than shivering at home and sipping hot cocoa...
Korie said…
Is it bad that I giggled when I read about playing with props?
Anyway, looks like you had a cool time. We've been going to the Gentse Feesten, despite the rain, although I can't say that it's making it very pleasant.
lies said…
Coole foto's! Vind het wel fascinerend, duiken, maar zou het zelf nooit durven!
Anonymous said…
Indoor diving? Never heard about that, but it looks like real fun.


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Jen said…
I miss German pool complexes. They are AWESOME!!!
Brillig said…
Wow! Never heard of it! But the pics are awesome. What an adventure!
Goofball said…
@anno: it sure is! And when coming out of a hot outdoor sauna cabin, even the rain doesn't bother you as much anymore ;)

@lilacspecs: giggling is ok.
the weather wil improve!!

@lies: je moet even de klik maken dat je echt wel kan ademen onder water, maar in zo'n warm helder water is het daarna echt niet moeilijk. je kan altijd in het zwembad in leuven ook proefduiken maken.

@Mike: yep

@Jen: yeah I know! we do have good pool complexes, but the sauna's were great too!

@Brillig: yeah it was fun.

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