My car has passed the 100000 km barrier. Whereas the first 50000 km have taken me a year to drive, since then another year and a half has passed. Clearly Leuven is closer to my work than Ghent, so I am driving less distances. And I am less on highways so it are slower roads but less major traffic jams also. Nevertheless I am still 90 min a day in my car. Pfff crazy if you think about it.


Betsy said…
Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I was just so shocked and down yesterday and your virtual hug really helped!

Still haven't heard anything further about S's friend. Am hoping that the crisis has passed and that he's doing better. Will post something as soon as I get any news.

Thanks again for being such a good blogging friend! Big hugs back to you!
blah said…
Hey beautiful girl -how are you? Were been at home and now we're back and it was good thing to be home - always come back inspired and ready to go go go.

We dont have a car here in HK would you believe!

love to your mum and dad and G XOX hugs and love you!

Jen said…
It's so easy to rake up miles in the car, but I keep thinking about your doing that with European gas prices! Zounds!
lies said…
wow, en ik dacht dat ik snel aan de 100000 zat na 5 jaar... valt dus nog redelijk mee
Jenn in Holland said…
Have I ever mentioned how happy I am NOT to own a car?

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