It has become a tradition : my Friday evenings in July are usually reserved for Beleuvenissen. A historic city center full of music on 7 different squares on a summer evening sure appeals to me.

We had only left our house when other pedestrians were already asking directions to go to the city center. We wouldn't be the only ones heading there. Last Friday was the 20th anniversary of the festival.

We started the evening with an excellent dinner on the terrace of Rodin's at the Oude Markt in Leuven (knicknamed "the longest pub (counter)"). We were sitting right next to the stage where Bart Peeters would perform that evening. While the square was filling with a big crowd, we decided to stay where we were so close to the stage. After his fantastic performance last year at the festival in Dranouter, we sure wanted to see his concert this year. Sure enough a couple of minutes later he came out of Rodin's where the group must have had dinner as well. Oh gosh, Bart sure is skinny when seeing him so close.

The concert started with a bang and soon enough the little walk-way behind our back was also filled up with a crowd blocking our sight and people were trying to walk through the tables outside in a desperate attempt to get to the other side again. Being waiter in Leuven sure can be challenging! Despite the fact that the visual aspect of the concert had been eliminated we really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. It felt a bit magic to hear the cheers rise up from the square from the (for us) hidden mass.

Satisfied that we had heard the most important concert of the evening, we tried to get a quick glance of the other 6 stages in the next hour. We didn't stay too long at the energetic yet monotonous percussion act at the Vismarkt, neither at the traditional singer-songwriter Bart Herman (hey...he has the same bassist as Hans has!!) , we gave no attention to the Royal orchestra from the army and since Marino Punk had moved up a street and was playing in a very narrow street that was already crowded, we didn't stay there very long either. The evening ended with some jazz/funk grooves from Funkfuse and with the contagious energy of the ever amazing Boogie Boy .


Jen said…
Sounds like a wonderful evening!

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