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I should go to bed now....but it's just for once a really wonderful hot day and I am so enjoying sitting outside in the garden that I don't want to end it anymore. So despite knowing better, I'll write another post before I go to bed.

I still have some stuff outstanding to write about. I am sure some people are thinking I totally neglect them by now. But I simply had so much to write about all the fun activities I've been doing this summer, that I haven't had time to type out anything else.

First of all I've been really honored to have received this web award from Lies who blogs at "het leven zoals het is: Leuven (life as it is: Leuven). She seems an energetic upbeat young mother who blogs in a fun way about day-to-day activities and events. Too bad if you can't understand Dutch as her blog is worth a visit! We seem to share some music tastes and love for good food, events in Leuven ....and we totally have similar renovating experiences and I love what they've done to their house. Needless to say that I smiled proudly when I read that she loves my blog because "she has a strong opinion about things, always nice to read (hmm really do I express such strong opinions...didn't realise that myself) and she has excellent taste when it comes to houses" ... Hey thank you girl!

As a good blogger it is now my turn to pass this award on :

  1. for those of you who love some good pictures that sometimes show you beauty where you don't expect it at all: Looking Into is my daily stop for beauty in small things, patterns, ....
  2. Jenn at A2eatwrite : recipe's that make me droole, book tips that make me dream, posts that make me think about society,....but mostly a blog where I feel like coming home each time.
  3. Jenn at Something to Say: About Life in The Netherlands : because you cannot not love Jenn!!!!!!
  4. Tessa at Morgen komt Polly: when reading her posts, she simply feels so authentic.
  5. 1 Picture a Day : a picture blog I just very recently discovered but whose pictures do seem to touch me.
  6. My dear friend Allie at A Day in the Life of the Whittinghams: if you want honesty and authenticity in all emotions, you should visit her blog a visit.

Talking about Allie....she left me a meme today. Persistence pays off I suppose, as I still haven't done her meme tagged in March. So I feel that guilty tonight that I am doing it right away. Hahaha. It's a meme that's seems to be going around quickly among the blogs I read. the goal is simple: post 6 random facts about yourself.

Pff tough tough... I immediately think about the fact I don't like like chocolate, that I play with handkerchiefs a lot, that I watch numberplates, I bend my nails... but all of those things I've posted already in the past. Ok let me think

  1. I react allergic to insectbites below my knee and not above. Both are itchy but insect bites below my knee generate fluid and crusts and get more swollen or if I didn't scratch it right away, they can make bubbles. I do always scratch them in the end. (and after sitting outside all evening in a legs are getting very itchy...argh).
  2. When I am stressed I need to go to the toilet all the time..... unfortunately I am very easily stressed.
  3. I am passionated by trying to grow herbs in our little garden....but I don't cook very often anymore and when I do, I often forget to use them :p
  4. I've worked on my family tree in the past but I am more interested to fine all the descendents of my great grandmother...rather than going back in time to find unknown names.
  5. We are getting married next June.
  6. Since I blog I don't write many (long) e-mails anymore to people like a few years before. However I do check my e-mail constantly whenever I am online.
  7. (since I never played Allie's 8 randon things meme in March, I'll add a bonus fact) (and I asked Jan for inspiration)
    I can't distinguish left from right according to Jan, but that's only because he's always mixing them up, so when he's giving me directions I anticipate the opposite and go the other way. ....but sometimes he actually meant what he said and then you get an interesting discussion.
Anyone who likes to play, feel free to leave a comment and go for it!!!!!!!


anno said…
You're getting married!!! That's wonderful news... even more wonderful than the well-deserved Brillante award! Congratulations!
lies said…
Geweldig nieuws!!! Je gaat trouwen!! Hopelijk houd je ons af en toe op de hoogte over de voorbereidingen, ik vind het heeeerlijk om dat te lezen!
Allie said…
Ellen, I simply love you and just can not tell you enough at how blessed I am to have you in my life. I thank Rotary everyday for introducing us and I thank you for your persistence in those long and beautiful emails updating everyone. I can't imagine not having you in my life despite not seeing each other in the physical presence.

I look forward to coming to your home turf for that glorious wedding of yours! Belgium will never be the same again .....

Thank you for the award. Your words brought tears to my eyes.
1 Picture a Day said…
Hi! I heard you were in our part of town recently and met up with Jenn and Kate. Thank you very much for your comment and award. It's my very first blog award! Thank you! Now I guess I better make greater efforts to keep my blog updated. And of course, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
sari said…
Congratulations on getting married! :-)
Jen said…
Well, congratulations OFFICIALLY!!!! I raise a virtual toast to you and Jan.

And thank you so much for the wonderful bling - and it's well-deserved on your part, too!
Jenn in Holland said…
Wow, thanks so much for thinking of me and not just once but two times. You are soooooo wonderful and I am really pleased that you found me in this great big bloggy world so we could become friends.
I am thinking I really want to dance at your wedding! hehe. Can I? Can I, huh??

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