New conversations at work after 5 PM

Since last week I have a new cue at work to make me aware that it's 5 PM.
All of a sudden the conversations in the office next to me change

"No no don't draw on that sheet, I still need to work with that"
...[triple triple triple]
"Is this where you work?"
"Yes this is my desk"
...[triple triple triple]
"Is this lady from your work?"
(I stare in the blue eyes of a little girl in the door opening)
"Yes she's one of my colleagues"

"oh hello, did you have fun today?"
[some nodding] "yes I ate spaghetti"

One of the perks of my company is summer day-care onsite. But it stops at 5 PM and all of a sudden all the offices fill with childrens voices and the sound of running in the hallway.


Jen said…
That's certainly a perspective I hadn't thought of. Are you all actually allowed to go home at that time, or is this a bit of unreality on the part of the company? I think most of our day care centers are open until 6:00.
anno said…
It sounds very cheering... and just the cue to turn off your computer, head outdoors, and enjoy those long summer nights!
Goofball said…
@jen: yes I think you can even go home earlier if you start at 8 AM or something. Day-care at work is from 9-5 and most people leave shortly after.

External day-care are open longer though.

@anno: well...I always get in quite late so it is not my cue yet to go home.

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