Easter family visits

Until this weekend, Beertje had only been in Leuven. He drinks very often each day so I was hesitant to put him in a car and start driving around, as I am not fond of driving around with a crying hungry baby neither is it fun to spend much time in the highway parking lots feeding an infant in an uncomfortable position in the car.

But after almost 4 weeks it was time to spread our wings and leave my cocoon at home to go and wish our family a happy Easter. After all the Easter Bunny had left easter eggs for Kabouter everywhere to collect.

Much to my relief Beertje fell asleep in the car right away and so did his brother,  so we spent a long drive in silence. Pheeeew, big relief! (hey...freedom: we can go to places with the baby ;) ).

And so Kabouter could unpack the eggs "found by his grandparents in the garden" while Beertje got all the attention from his grandparents.

At the next stop, Kabouter and Beertje could hang out with their cousins and the oldest could hunt down some more easter eggs in the garden.

After both visits, we drove home. This time there was no silence as Jan and Kabouter were having their usual sing-along in the car while I was counting down the time that I'd be home ready to crash in my bed. Days without naps are still deadly!


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