The post pregnancy (diabetes) menu

Oh yes, I am working through my list! Although some habits seem to have rooted: I still catch myself taking 4 grapes and walking on before I remind myself that I'm allowed to take more of them if I feel like it without consequences.   Or I'm still about to throw away Kabouter's unfinished cup of juice when I remember that I can now drink from his glass and I can drink juice...oh and while that sip of juice tasted like more, I can actually pour myself a glass of juice.

Jan already brought myself some bakery breakfast pastries in the hospital to brighten up the very bare and sad bread and jam breakfasts you get there (while I was still getting blood sugar levels measured and had an unusual high "before lunch" level ;) ) and he brought in paté and américain. Unfortunately the fridge in the room was working rather poorly so he had to take it home again before it'd go bad.

I must say: it all tastes delicious!!! And I don't miss my overload of cheese, nuts, yoghurt and avocado yet!


Jennifer Brown said…
Looks like you are eating well!


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