Exploring the school

His big day is only in 2 weeks but today Kabouter was welcome to come and explore his future class at nursery school this afternoon. He has no clue yet that his days at the daycare are counted and that a whole new world is going to open to him.

We arrived in an empty class as all the kids had just gone to the bathroom, so Kabouter discovered right away some toys on his own. When the other kids already in school arrived back in the classroom however, he observed from some distance with some initial shyness.   While the teacher welcomed him and asked his name (and the name of his brother sleeping on my brother etc) he didn't find his voice right away.
He quickly launched himself at some toys again in a quiet corner of the room.

But with the help of some other kids interacting and inviting him to his game, he slowly absorbed in the group. They listened to some story reading, he followed the other kids outside at playtime.  By the end of the afternoon the smallest kid in the school was running around with loud shrieks on the playground as if he totally belonged there.

"Fun" was his conclusion of his visit to his future school.
We are confident it'll be good. But it'll be a big change for him and maybe even more to us to have a kid that is starting school after the Easter vacation. 


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