Sunny day in the Ardennes

They predicted a sunny warm weekend, so although Jan's gone for the weekend with some friends, I decided to go to the Ardennes alone with Kabouter.   Most of the afternoon we spent outside and we enjoyed some ad-hoc visits from (former) neighbours that came to say hi to Kabouter, who was of course smiling again under all of the attention. He couldn't play yet with the neighbour boy but I'm sure that'll change over the next year once they are both more mobile. 

He's not a big fan of the sun so far, but with his little new hat and with his back to the sun, he seemed to enjoy himself outside for the first time in our garden.

My cooking on the other hand was not much appreciated. We've started since a week to offer some vegatables and he took it fairly ok (mind you, no big quantities, we don't aim for that anyway).  It was fun to try some of my spinach mashed potatoes but none of it got actually swallowed. Poooh, next time daddy can cook again.

It was soon later than anticipated but before sunset we took off for another short walk to the castle.


Brian Miller said…
haha what big eyes...and that smile...even with food all over it..hahaha...i miss those days....

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