Sunny walk through Heverlee

It's not the first glorious sunny weekend this month...3 weeks ago there was just as much summerly sunshine and warm temperatures. You have already seen how Kabouter met some ducks & a rabbit, but that was in fact the end of a very nice walk.  We sometimes forget that we don't need to drive to the Ardennes to have a walk in the woods as Leuven is in fact bordered in the south by some nice big woods...some of Flander's biggest.

Kabouter decided that leaning backwards in his stroller is for woossies and that sleeping was definitely not done. Instead he leaned forward to ensure he noticed everything that came by and happened on our way.

On every terrace & grassfield groups of people were enjoying the sun. It seems like the city had spit out all of a sudden all inhabitants again after winter (..ok, what do you call a winter?   that mild raining stormy period over the previous months) to get out in their pale skins.


Brian Miller said…
oh what a lawn in that last pic...and look at him holding his head up and looking around...and smiling...

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