Made in Belgium: Crema Kawa

This weekend I heard on the radio that a Belgian group reached a number one hit in Spain. Awesome! I had never heard of 'Crema Kawa' but when they played 'Mon Quartier ' on the radio I heard the Flemish Manu Chao. Love it!! How come they aren't superstars in Belgium yet?  Yet they reminded me of a concert I had seen at Beleuvenissen Tropical some years ago. 

It turns out that Crema Kawa is in fact one and the same as the former group El Creme Glace Que that I had seen then...still the same energetic crazy bunch from Antwerp.  And it's my fault I didn't know them yet as they've been at plenty of festivals over the last 2 summers where there's room for tropical coppers. 

So....when will they get Belgian number one hit? Let's all buy the single ;)

Mon Quartier

Don't you love the setting of Pole Pole festival in downtown medieval Ghent during the festival of Ghent!?


Brian Miller said…
ha love the reggae sound....of that one with the coffee being chased by the too....

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