Snuggle moments

One of my favorite moments during our past vacation were the snuggle moments after swimming.   Our little Kabouter usually continued to swim and splash until all of a sudden he was too cold & tired. That switch always came rather sudden. The hotel was more in the hills which meant there was always a strong chilly wind.   So when he was ready to climb out of the pool, it was our task to pick up this little boy quickly and wrap him in dry towels to prevent him from cooling down too much before he turned into a miserable shivering baby. 

Our never sit still boy seemed to enjoy those wrapped moments and settled for a resting moment in our arms and even sometimes nestled himself comfortably to do a little nap.   I really enjoyed it as well to feel his little body so closely on me, enjoying each other, the sun, the rest.

In general he seems to search cuddles and hugs much more easily in the last months than before. I have no clue whether the end of breastfeeding is related, but when reading a book or watching/playing on the iPad, he'll always install himself against our arm/leg/belly...watching the screen in concentration while placing his hand gently on our body. He literally stays in touch with us very often. He also always responds with enthousiasm when we ask "Can mommy/daddy/the baby get a hug or a kiss".

On the' flight to Gran Canaria he slept 1,5h on my lap, belly against belly with his head resting on my chest.  On the flight back he didn't even make it awake until we were up in the air, but we managed to guide his dozing off body, buckled up in his own seat now. He ended up sleeping for 2h with his head resting on my leg and his hand on my belly. Very precious.


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