10 years daycare

Previous weekend Kabouter's daycare celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a big children's party at an indoor playground. 

It was fun to see Kabouter interact with the ladies, go and hug them  and play along with his friends.  It's quite touching to see how some friendships are developing. When he returned to daycare after our vacation, he was welcomed very enthusiastically by his friend. They follow each other around, yet don't truly play "with" each other at that age.  We notice that other kids that are a bit more wild in their games, Kabouter avoids them.  

The big slide was a challenge. 2 of the kids of his age got over their fear right quickly and climbed the big slide while calling out for Kabouter who firmly stayed down. He went to stay in the ball area, in the little car while the others went sliding up and down.   After a long time, with the help of another dad and someone from the daycare he finally was up and let him slide down...to not return until the very end with Jan when all bigger kids had been gone. 


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