Most posts that appear on this blog are fun posts of things that we have done and that I want to share or want to have journaled for myself for the future.

But I've been quite shocked by the global political events lately and sometimes it seems so unreal and avoiding to just fill this place with funny grins and picnic pictures in the sun, while at the same time  you see in the news the images of the mass murder going on in Gaza, the MH17 crash site and the ghastly long row of hearses in the Netherlands etc...   In all honesty, the latter seemed far more impactfull than other news on the other airplane crashes last week since that flight seemed one we could have been on ourselves for a vacation trip.  Ugh, just imagine how fun plans literally can blow up due to a "far away" war that isn't that far away after all.

I'm not sure if it's my impression but then also my FB and Feedly seems to fill with announcements of deathly accidents, divorces, people awaiting news on potential frightful diseases, ...Thinking about all these gives me such a big nod in my stomac and a chill down my spine.

Yikes what is going on ? Why are we all so filled with hate, frustration and pain lately? Can this stop please? It seems that I can't do anything about them. Yet it makes me feel much more vulnerable as well.  Can it happen to me?

Fortunately I can relate to all of this from a deep sense of empathy while it doesn't touch my life directly. Fortunately I can continue to post fun events in my life while other's don't have that opportunity anymore.


Brian Miller said…
it is a really hard time in our world right now...and every day it just seems the news gets worse...i wish we could make it stop...heavily felt here as well...

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