Our barnraising

Since we successfully destroyed my parent's old garden house , it was also time to build it up again. We've had a family wood painting day at the start of July and also 2 weeks ago a very frustrating rained out day where we all camped in the garage, doing a bit more painting shoulder to shoulder but most of all stared out of the window and then checking the rain radar online, cursing and irritating each other in the cramped space.  In the end, the big planned "barnraising" didn't happened then. It is crucial that the roof could be built & glued in dry and that couldn't happen.

This weekend predicted very unstable weather with a good chance of rain showers and thunderstorms.  After a lot of phoning back & forth, checking the forecast, we decided to give it a try anyway.  We took our chance once again and the entire family gathered at my parent's place again.  

My nephew had returned as a punk rockstar from his summer activities and was entertaining us with his new cool hairstyle.

the weather started off sunny, so the men quickly got started to get as much done as possible before the first showers could arrive.

The walls rose quickly and the rest of us could finish off the remaining painting to be done while the roof got hammered by 2 and a half men in the burning sun.  

After a very long hot & very tiring day....we did it  (and saw no rain).   next time some finishing touches such as attaching a rain drain & some doors and this project will be finished succesfully.


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