Center Parcs without Rhythm & Blues festival

We have a tradition to go with friends for a weekend to a vacation park nearby the Belgium Rhythm & Blues festival.   (see here, here and here) . Due to a newborn baby, a pregnancy, family changes, ... the tradition got interrupted last year but we were back with a smaller group this year (2 weeks ago in the mean time...I'm constantly behind and catching up on this blog)

This time just 2 babies, which meant that the 2 mothers stayed behind and missed the festival. But I must say in all honesty that the men spent in solidarity much more time with us in the vacation park. We arrived in a heat wave but also lived through the thunderstorms that made an end to the heat and turned it into chilly whimsical weather.

We were hanging out the little house, went swimming a couple of times in the tropical swimming pools (Kabouter loved splashing endlessly in the kiddies pool!), saw the animals in the children's farm and went to the indoor play garden. And we got home twice as tired as we had left :D


Brian Miller said…
what a cool tradition...always great to get together with friends...and even the little one has someone to play that second pic with kabouter on the picnic blanket

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