Kabouter turned 2 this week!

So it was a busy day for our little man.  There were cards to be read at breakfast.  And a crown to be worn...but that ended in an emotional melt-down. Apparently 2-year olds don't wear crowns. 

And gifts to be taken and distributed at daycare .

After daycare, ...where we received a newly crafted crown to be carried around in his hands, because a crown could not be worn on the head, oh no! ... there were funny skype messages to be watched and lots of family to be skyped/facetimed.

And then just at bedtime a miracle happened: the crown got put on the head! woohoo.

after which we had to try to take a selfie with mom's phone.

Later in the week he got presents from his 3 fantastic babysits. 

The rest of the presents, cake and family visits will have to wait a few weekends to happen a bit later.  But it was fun as it was already.

Happy birthday my little sweetheart!!!!!! It's been 2 superb years already, can't wait for the 3rd year together. 


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