Shopping - Reunited - Family wedding

On Saturday I had to do some shopping downtown and we stilled our hungry stomacs with Oliebollen at the fair. 

We were home just in time to welcome Jan back home from the US. He caught up some missed time with Kabouter right away.

It was a good thing I had napped at noon together with Kabouter, as I had to leave that evening to join a family wedding near Ghent. I put both men to bed and drove off in the darkness to join the dance party at my cousin-first-removed wedding party.  Since my parents are a generation younger than their siblings, my cousins are all my parent's generation and my cousin's-first-removed are my generation...yet the relationship is a bit more distant and the family is very large so we hardly ever see each other and we are not in close contact.  Yet therefore it was very cool that we were invited and I wanted to come and join in and see everyone again on a fun event, despite my great fatigue lately.

The couple was really beautiful, the setting in an old factory building very romantic and the DJ was top.  And their friends had made some fun surprises eg a flashmob dance as the couple had feared there wouldn't have been enough people on the dance floor. Well they were wrong!

Early in the night I gave up already and headed to my parent's home to crash there in my old bed (and avoid the 1h drive home through the night).  It felt weird to drive back in the night from Ghent to my home town....a drive down the memory lane from 15-20 years ago when I went out Ghent and then drove home. 


Jennifer Brown said…
Looks super delicious! It's on my bucket list to try Ollibollen one time.


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