Kabouter's Words VI

His new vocabulary is picking up really fast now, so it's hard to keep track of all the new words but here's the majority of new words of the last couple of weeks.

  • Poes                          Cat as opposed to "iauww" before
  • Bis                             Bus as opposed to B before
  • Pjopjajen                   (Vrachtwagen = Truck) as opposed to Pjopja before (he adds a syllable)
  • Koe                           Cow (rather than Meuh)
  • Aap                           Schaap - Sheep (rather than Meeeeeh)   (but of course it is also monkey)

New words

  • Blauw                      blue   (in the context of blue cars that get distinguished from non blue cars)
  • Broek                       pants
  • Bumbalu                  finally after half a year he distinguishes his big yellow friend Bumba from his big red friend Bumbalu
  • Mindy                      Mega Mindy (child hero figure)
  • Plop                          Child cartoon figure
  • Valle                         Fallen
  • Kapop                       Broken
  • Maken                      Fix it please
  • Eten                          Eat
  • Bellen                       to phone
  • Oen                          Shoe
  • Ooka Wavis             Orca Whale
  • Ottopus                    Octopus
  • Aaien                       (Draaien) Turn
  • Oets(en)                   Brush
  • iPad                          iPad (very important!)
  • Piejaat                      Pirate
  • Uittekken                 Take off
  • Boekje                     Book
  • Pakken                     Pick up 
  • (s)poojen                  (train)tracks
  • Blauw                      blue  (default color when he guesses any color)
  • Gjoen                       Green (next guess for colors)
  • Jood                         Red  (another guess for colors)
  • Wam                        Warm
  • Blazen                      to blow (on hot food)
  • Rijen                        to ride (a car, truck, ...)
  • Ta(s)                          a mug
  • Bod                            a plate   

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