day off

maybe I should just clarify why I am not at work today: 21st of july is our national holiday. So I had a day off.

It's actually a special birthday for Belgium: 175 years old! and 25 years that we have a federal state with Flemish, Brussels and Walloon governments.
There are a lot of festivities in Brussels and there will probably be fireworks in most cities late tonight. I decided not to go out anymore today and I have progressed well on my to do list. Hurray for myself!


pinkjules said…
Hi Elle,

Wanted to send you a HUG.

Thanks for posting on my blog, if you want to change your template you go into template then beside edit current there is a "pick new" option click on it and it will take you to the templates then you can click on a new one and save your settings and you can give your blog a new look :)

miss you

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