Goodbye Belgium, Hello India!

It was a grey, wet, cold Good Friday and there was no spring feeling at all. On top of that my last work days were quite hectic, as always just before vacation. I feel a bit guilty as I spent my last hour sending mails about my to do list that I did not finish myself, to team members with task assignments. hmm not a nice goodbye to them. But I truly hope they finish some of those tests to give me some breathing space when I return. Next week they start giving training at the next and last platforms and I am arriving in the middle of that training with not much time left before the new deadlines. oops scary, but that's problems for May. May is still far away, there is first much vacation in between May and now!

Tonight I spent packing my suitcase, a task I truly dislike and that I always postpone. Rather than getting it quickly over with, I tend to make it longer than needed by running around inefficiently. I must say that it is weird to pack summer clothes while here it's still winter temperatures. I made my challenge and packed a bit less than usual (and thanx to Jans suitcase the sum of our suitcases won't be overweight even not on the internal Indian flight :-) ).

So feeling really tired on this good friday - quiet saturday night, I am ready to embrace my vacation. Yeaah. I am fairly curious about India. I don't know really what to expect: people, climate, landscape, culture, food, .... We didn't plan really so we'll see if it becomes mainly a beach vacation or a very cultural/natural one. There is plenty of it all to choose from. I am sure time will fly by much tooo quickly.

I might be able to log on in the hotel, if to you in 16 days then!


Anonymous said…
wow you are in india - Cool! I tried to send you an e-mail but it seems the address I have no longer works. Wanted to let you know about our high school reunion on Aug 25-27.
Have more details to e-mail you if you are interested. Kristy

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