From Stella to Primus and back

Today was a really nice day out and tonight it started raining again, so we took the opportunity to go for a bike ride. Due to my pathetic physical condition, we opted for a ride along the canal. At least that would save me from grasping breath at each slight hill or bridge to cross (yes even a bridge, I am truly pathetic!!) and my legs going sour within 100 m.

It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed the sight of the many ducks, herons, loads of fishermen lined up (and they did catch a lot of fish so it seemed...hmm quality of water seems to be pretty good), some youth group even jumping in the water, walkers and lots of other cyclers, and some very full terrasses. Greeeaaaaat!!!
And I must say that the Flemish government has invested really well in bike roads, signalling etc... It's really nice and very easy to venture out by bike lately!

It was hard to estimate how far I could go and still be sure I made it back home. We rode up to the lock near Boortmeerbeek (12km from Leuven) where I drive by by car each day. I thought it'd be cool to come by there once by bike. Then we deserved a rest and got some new energy loaded with a pancake full of sugar and a big bitter drink just across the brewery from Haacht. So basically we started off at the canal just next to the brewery of Stella and we drowe to the home of Primus and then back. Not bad for a Maes girl huh :p.
The ride home was a lot more tiring and difficult than going up, as I had feared. Especially the last 2 km uphill to our house with legs that in the mean time were weighing 100kg, worried me. But I made it with a lot of stops at the end. And now while it's raining again I can treasure the memory of a fun day with legs weighing 1000kg in the mean time and a very sore butt!! Hmm we should do this more often :p


Haley-O said…
I you know what my butt feels like on a daily basis! ;)

Sounds like a beautiful day!
Mike said…
Congratulations. Do it again.


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