My first Marktrock

When I grew up, the kids of the neighbours, cousins or my sister's friends went to Marktrock in Leuven. Some groups claim to have grown at Marktrock. Whereas I had never heard of Beleuvenissen, Leuven-in-Scène, Hapje-Tapje, ...I seem to remember Marktrock since ages. When I just met Jan he was actually volunteering at the festival and he was phoning me late in the evening from a backstage location. When we were actually a couple he stopped working at Marktrock and we always had other plans or we found the tickets too expensive for the given program or ... So although I spent more and more time in Leuven, I had never been to Marktrock yet.

1,5 - 2 years ago the news got published that the organisation went broke, but a new group took over. Last year a new edition started on a new location: rather than the famous Oude Markt, the Ladeuzeplein was the place to be. No other squares were used for free concerts as in the old times. There was a lot of criticism on the lack of atmosphere, the Ladeuze which was too big, the lack of free concerts, ...

This year Marktrock was turned around once again: the organisation was outsourced to The Entertainment Group (also known from events such as VTM live)...and the main stage was back on the Oude Markt whereas the Vismarkt was ready for free concerts again and there is now a "Ball populaire".

Friday night was finally my first night at Marktrock. The Oude Markt was only half full for the Clement Peerens Explosition. Very strange feeling after being at the crowded square a couple of times before. Obviously this time the festival was paying and the entire day it had been pouring rain and the Sugababes had cancelled last minute. But the empty back side of the square was nevertheless strange.
Clement Peerens Explosition (A parodie group grown out of legendary satirical radio program Het Leugenpaleis ) was very good. Great funny band , hilarious lyrics (songs about cream cheese, ...), good actors, fun music, good mocking jokes about the artists that were about to perform.

On the Vismarkt was much more people but we didn't really stay there. I really liked the atmosphere at Zaki's DJ set though. His sons might be rocking the rest of the world with Soulwax and 2 Many DJ's, Zaki was doing a really good job in downtown Leuven.

All in all I had a good evening although I like the more family and busier atmosphere from Beleuvenissen more, mainly because I am more in those type of music styles. But I think this version of Marktrock is ready to start growing again! I heard that yesterday had 45000 people so the Oude Markt surely wasn't as empty anymore as on Friday evening.


Jen said…
I'm glad it was a good evening, all-in-all. I love it when festivals are re-born.

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