Last year I heard a documentary on the radio about the development of a new apple race which takes 10 years. Now the new apple was ready for commercialisation. It was a very interesting but by the time I was in the supermarket, I didn't think about the new apple anymore.

A couple of weeks ago I heard in the media all about the launch of a new apple race again. Hmm a relaunch because the Kanzi did already exist last year. But now it's really launched on a bigger scale commercially supported with the necessary media attention in Belgium and the Netherlands.

I am very picky when it comes to apples. Regular readers already know I am not very much into sweets so any sweet apples are lost on me. Apples also need to be firm and last a bit in my fruit basket without getting soft, mushy and wrinkled. My instructions to Jan when he goes shopping are always very clear: I need Granny Smith apples. Not a very "green" choice as they are usually imported from a far away country, but I every time I had risked buying a local apple I had regretted it and the last ones of the bunch got often thrown away.

So when I saw the Kanzi in the stores ....I took the risk. And I love them. They have a flirting red blush, are a bit sour and are very very firm. And they are locally grown in the Netherlands and Belgium (and Germany and Italy and Switserland). Excellent, it's a red Belgian Granny Smith!! This is what I had been searching for all along.


Anonymous said…
Dat nieuws had ik blijkbaar gemist... ben wel benieuwd hoe ze smaken!
Anonymous said…
Dan moet mevrouw zeker eens onze nieuwe Greenstar proeven: fris als een Granny, en meer nog: verwerkt in fruitsla wordt hij nooit bruin!(wel na een week) http://www.greenstarapple.com/ Lekker Limburgs!

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